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Resources to extend SpinnakerTM functionality with plugins

Open Source SpinnakerTM plugin guides:

  • Plugin Users Guide

    • Explains important concepts and files, such as plugins.json and repositories.json, that you need to deploy a plugin
    • Specifies what types of plugins you can deploy to Spinnaker
    • Shows how to deploy a plugin using Halyard
  • pf4jStagePlugin Deployment Example

    • Detailed walkthrough of deploying the pf4jStagePlugin using Halyard
    • Troubleshooting
  • Halyard Command Reference

    • hal commands to add, update, enable, list, and delete plugin repositories
    • hal commands to add, update, enable, list, and delete plugins
  • Plugin Creators Guide

Plugin repositories

App Name Plugin

The app name plugin makes rules for Spinnaker application names configurable.

pf4jStagePlugin Deployment Using the Armory Operator

Deploy the RandomWait Stage plugin to an Operator-managed Armory instance

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