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Secrets with AWS Secrets Manager

You can configure AWS Secrets Manager as a secrets engine for Spinnaker. See the AWS Secrets Manager User Guide for how to set up AWS Secrets Manager,

Referencing secrets stored in AWS Secrets Manager

You can reference a KeyStore or KeyStore password stored in AWS Secrets Manager. Based on which type of secret you want to reference, use one of the following formats:


  keyStore: encryptedFile:secrets-manager!r:<some region>!s:<secret name>

Keystore password

  keyStorePassword: encrypted:secrets-manager!r:<some region>!s:<secret name>!k:some-key
  • encryptedFile or encrypted - Required. Indicates that this is an encrypted file or an encrypted string, respectively.
  • secrets-manager - Required. Indicates that secrets are stored in AWS Secrets Manager
  • ! - Required. Delimiter between parameters.
  • r:<AWS region> - Required. The AWS region your secret is stored in. For example, use r:us-west-2 for a secret stored in the us-west-2 region.
  • s:<Secret name> - Required. The name of the secret stored in AWS Secrets Manager
  • k<some-key> - Required for encrypted strings. The Secret key. Omit for KeyStores.

For example, the following example references a KeyStore stored in us-west-2:


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